Resolved… Baidu Blocked

Yeah, so: my hosting problems? It had nothing to do with my database. Nothing to do with my plugins, or anything else I was doing. (Okay, moving one little command in my config file a little higher up helped somewhat, but that wasn’t the main problem.) It had everything to do with bots needing to […]

Gauging the Problem

I’m still having hosting problems, behind the curtain of this website. My latest last-ditch effort is to try a new theme, in the hope that maybe that will make some kind of difference. I won’t know till tomorrow, so I’m going to have to leave this set up like it is. If the site looks […]

Comments Closing on Old Posts

Not that most visitors will notice, but I’ve closed comments on all posts more than a few weeks old. I figure, the fewer potential targets for spam comments, the better. That is, in theory. I’m not sure it’ll make any difference, but I’m hoping it will.

Sorted! (…I Think?)

So: if you’re like me, and you started your blog a long, long time ago, and you’re having trouble with CPU Minutes usage? Don’t do what I did. I did a million other things, including all the things my hosting company suggested. And then, at wit’s end, I noticed some php script being called by […]

New Series Plugin

Well, earlier this month I noticed that my last WordPress update finally killed the functionality of the plugin I’d been using to arrange posts in series, and I resolved to find something else. I finally have, but it took me a good chunk of time getting the posts into the series (which means it’s pretty […]