New Series Plugin

Well, earlier this month I noticed that my last WordPress update finally killed the functionality of the plugin I’d been using to arrange posts in series, and I resolved to find something else. I finally have, but it took me a good chunk of time getting the posts into the series (which means it’s pretty late at night, since we accompanied our friend Nick to a few places today as part of his birthday celebrations, most notably a visit up to the bar in the Bitexaco tower, which is this gigantic building a few blocks from our home with a helipad and observation deck and so on).

Anyway, the layout and appearance are a bit rough for now — I’ll wade into fixing the custom CSS and so on soon, but for tonight, I think I’m done with boring blog maintenance work.

Oh, and a bonus factor: this should speed up site performance. The dead plugin was somehow not only failing to display the links for any post over the 12th in a given series, but it was also creating about half the load for any given pageview for a visitor to my site. Things should be much quicker and more streamlined now. We’ll see, of course…

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