Comments Closing on Old Posts

Not that most visitors will notice, but I’ve closed comments on all posts more than a few weeks old. I figure, the fewer potential targets for spam comments, the better. That is, in theory. I’m not sure it’ll make any difference, but I’m hoping it will.

2 thoughts on “Comments Closing on Old Posts

  1. I don’t know why I never thought of that. Seems so obvious once I read it here. I get so much SPAM it hurts. Always shoes or jerseys too. Never something cool.


    1. Ha, yeah, I used to get a lot of Louis Vuitton and Louboutin spam–well, there’s references to those products in the spam anyway–I presume because my site has so many references to Korea in it, and Korea’s basically addicted to that stuff the way some people are stuck on heroin. (Which is kind of weird. It couldn’t be that those companies are hiring spammers directly, could it? They’d be getting tons of bad publicity for doing so. But those are the company names my spam messages used to be filled with.) But these days, it’s mainly jerseys (a real surge on those lately) and porn crap and more bewildering stuff that looks like it was generated using Markov chains and a broad sampling of marketing websites.

      By the way, closing comments didn’t solve all my problems, but between that, cleaning up the database, and getting my cache working properly (and using Cloudflare) things are a lot better than they were a few weeks ago… though I’m still over my CPU minutes, and still puzzled as to why. I suppose the next step is looking into having a web developer look at it and figure out what’s eating the CPU. I suspect it may just be the size of my site, and the inherent inefficiency of WordPress.

      By the way, where’s your website? Google isn’t pointing the way…

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