Things to Post About

Last night at the launch of the Seoul Science Fiction & Fantasy Library — an amazing project I’ll post about soon — the writer/translator Jeong So-Yeon reminded me that I hadn’t yet posted about our experience at SOAO Workshop up on Sobaeksan, which has prompted me to write this post of things I need to post about soon. Not all of them are related to SF in Korea, but a few are.

  • The KASI/SOAO workshop on Sobaeksan
  • The Seoul Seoul Science Fiction & Fantasy Library
  • An article idea on the social economics of reputation and the translation of genre literature in Korea (specifically this idea came from a discussion with Miss Jeong and a writer named Kim Chang-gyu, who was also at the aforementioned Workshop).

On other tangents:

But the semester starts tomorrow, and I still need to do a little research on high blood pressure and on the hypertension meds I now find myself suddenly on, and I have a birthday this week (ugh!, no, I don’t want to talk about it), so please be patient. I’ll take requests, though Miss Jeon’s request last night puts the Sobaeksan as the first post in the queue.

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