My Mom’s Favorite CD Of Long Ago

I was playing this CD for Lime a few days ago, and then again today I subjected Heather to it, since I had it out when she was over for tea. I decided to Google Florence Foster and found this online: a page with CDs by the hands-down worst singer I’ve ever heard. With audio clips that are worth checking out! (The clip I’ve linked to begins the copy of the CD I have, and it was enough to have Lime saying, “Please! No more! Turn it off!” amid wild laughter. There’s a woman this Florence Foster Jenkins has a CD titled “Murder on the High C’s”, which is an execrable pun by the way.

It was, I may add, my mom’s favorite CD because, as she declared, “If that woman can give a recital of opera music, then anyone can do anything they want to in this life!” I have my doubts, but the clips are funny, in a horrifying sort of way…

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