Bride And Prejudice

What’s the follow-up to Gurinder Chadha’s wonderful film Bend It Like Beckham? Oh yes: Jane Austen in a sari. I can’t wait to see Bride and Prejudice.

In Bride and Prejudice, the Bennet family of sleepy Longbourn, Hertfordshire, become the Bakshis of Amritsar, a city equally far removed from Indian high culture and society. Elizabeth Bennet has become Lalita Bakshi, while Mr Darcy is a wealthy heir to an American hotel chain, who meets Lalita while visiting India for a friend’s wedding. With swift changes of locale that would do justice to any Bollywood film, the action ricochets between India, London and Los Angeles.

I just hope I can get it here somehow.

Hmm, in the meantime, I can try watch some of those movies I brought back with me from India. If I can get my DVD-player function working, then I just need a few uninterrupted stretches of time.

Oh, maybe next holiday. Sigh.

Oh, and here’s another movie I want to see: Code 46. Got it queued up for download, but who knows if it will come through. Or, if it does, when I’ll get to it.

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