Chuck Mangione, Live

Where else but in South Korea can you see Chuck Mangione play to a pretty crowded house in a big performance venue (about the size of the usual orchestral symphony house in a smallish city)? Where else will people (not many, but even some) stand up and attempt to mount a standing ovation after Chuck plays the song “Feels So Good”?

Only, only, only in South Korea.

I’m so glad I talked Lime into coming. I wasn’t crazy about Chuck before, nor am I now, though I may try get my hands on some albums to give him another listen. But man, his band is tight. The drummer did some pretty remarkable things in one of his solos, working with the structure of a single rhythm and developing it almost fugally. And the horn player was badass, man: he played saxes and flute and piccolo all with the same kind of rich tone and fluency. Man, I only wish I had half the chops that guy had on even one of my instruments.

Anyway, it was worthwhile. If Chuck comes to a smallish city near you, be sure to check him out.

And I’d like to send a shout out to the psychotic cab driver who sped all across town and got me there in time. All hail the mad cabbie!

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