Wong Kar-Wai rocks

I wondered what this movie was all about when I saw it advertised in the Now Playing poster racks near the theaters here in Jeonju. I’m quite sure I’d have understood nothing if I’d seen it at a cinema here, but this trailer for Won Kar-Wai’s 2046 is very, very promising. I love his work already, and I can’t wait till this is out on DVD so I can check it out at a local DVD-방.

One thought on “Wong Kar-Wai rocks

  1. ***Slight Spoiler***

    Having recently seen 2046, I’d suggest one first watch In The Mood For Love and Days Of Being Wild. There are so many characters and details that one might not get otherwise. One of the most haunting bits of the film features Leslie Cheung. Yes, the Leslie. You’ll have to see it. One of these days when I’ve the time, I’d like to watch all three films in one sitting. It was not at all what I expected. Even from the trailers. At first I thought the setting of 2046 invalidated the 1970s sequences shot for In The Mood For Love but, it actually serves to place Chow Mo-Wan in place for his return to Hong Kong in the 70s.

    I’ll be very interested in hearing your thoughts on the film. It’s really quite remarkable.

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