This Bugs Me

Unlike Tithonius, I am not really into the old Loony Toons. I never enjoyed them that much, rales of the Road Runner aside.

Still, I can’t help but be put off by the fact that when Warner Brothers needs to make a few hit shows, it decides to give “a new look” to Bugs Bunny and his friends. I mean, what happened, did everyone creative die in 1972 or something? Really, come on! Does everything have to be a remake, reenvisioning, reimagining… a re-hash?

It’s not as if they couldn’t come up with a killer cartoon, with new characters, after all. That isn’t so impossible. Hell, at some point Bugs was just new character nobody knew about, too. So why don’t they spend the energy putting together three totally new, totally different shows, each with really different approaches, and see which one catches? Why does it all have to be set on this one remake of the last show that made them lots of money? They’re not just uncreative… they’re uncreative to the point where they’re making idiotic business decisions, decisions so careful that they’re downright stupid!

Ah, and Tithonius linked to this…which is REALLY EXTREEEEME.

One thought on “This Bugs Me

  1. Like the last 3-4 Star Wars movies, my reality does not allow for this travesty to be. So it isn’t.

    And why can’t they bring back Freakazoid? That was hip, cool and original.

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