Trip so far

Okay, my thoughts so far:

Seeing Helen and Ann has been good.

Victoria is a very very Aryan island. Vancouver, conversely, is a very heterogenous place. Very diverse. I’m shocked at how that culture-shocked me. (I doubt it will continue in Saskatoon.)

Gay people (EDIT: or is it just young, trendy people in Vancouver? Judging by some of the in-jokes I heard, I assume it’s a gay thing, but maybe not.)eat really well. Like, REALLY well. Helen has lots of lesbian friends (though she, dating a man, appears to be straight), and they eat well. I was glad to be in on their beach party. They were also a very welcoming and friendly group of women. It was nice. (Photos coming later.)

Families also eat well. Seeing Ann was a blast.

I am wavering over an old horn, a silver-plated 1930s Holton bari sax that apparently toured with the Stan Kenton band. It’s by no means modern, but it’s certainly a contender, though I’d have to work hard and get quite good to use it in front of a band. I’m wavering because I may want to front with it and might, possibly, find buying a brand-new Yanagisawa straight from Japan a better investment, at over thrice the price, because it’d probably be the last bari I’d ever buy. Then again, I could sell the Holton in Korea, I bet, for a solid $2000. Argh! Choices, choices.

Anyway, I’m picking up my passport tomorrow, flying to Saskatoon Friday. Missing Lime all the time.

But I’m good so far.

Oh, and my Korean-language play for the summer camp teachers’ performance is almost finished. The ferry ride back was long, cold, and quiet, so I used the time.



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