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I’m back in Korea.

And look at the first news article I see on my return, translated and in my email box:

Subway Farter Attacks Fleeing Man

On the 20th, a 57-year-old Mr. Mun was charged without detention at the Kangdong Police Station in Seoul for assaulting a subway passenger who expressed displeasure at his farting in the subway.

At approximately 7:30 p.m. on the 19th, Mr. Mun let out a loud fart in the vicinity of Cheonho Subway Station after embarking the Line 5 train. When a 24-year-old office worker named Seo, who was next to the farter, expressed displeasure by saying, “Chi,” and moving to another seat, Mr. Mun chased him down, kicked him, and bite off his little finger.

In his defense during the police investigation, Mr Mun said, “Don’t you think it is going too far to fault a person for an unavoidable physiological act?”

I don’t know. Most people I know are able to hold it in, most of the time. And apologize if they can’t, instead of trying to amputate body parts of those they inflict their intestinal gases on.

Yeah, I definitely think this Mun fellow ain’t the one to be talking about “going too far”. Ah well, better things to do than think more on this. Off to Jeonju life…

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