Ма?тер и Маргарита

Apparently there has been a TV miniseries made by one Vladimir Bortko from this Bulgakov novel, The Master and Margarita, a novel that was banned in the Soviet Union and went about as illicit samizdat (underground publicaton). According to Wikipedia, the 2005 production (released only last December!) was

widely succesful on Russian Television, and is considered to be closest to the book.

While I have not yet read the book — I have intended to for years, but never gotten a chance — I am intensely curious, and there are clips circulating, but unfortunately I see nothing with subtitles for the Russian impaired. Perhaps it will enjoy release on DVD in North America, though.

Until then, here’s an edonkey2000 link to the trailer that was aired on Russian TV. I can see why it was so popular, between the nekkid ladies and the wild (though definitely TV-quality) special effects. Still, I am trying to download it just in case subtitles do become available somehow… or in case it’s intelligible without them, though I doubt it will be.

2 thoughts on “Ма?тер и Маргарита

  1. Were you successful in finding subtitles? Please let me know if so…

    I am not aware if the Russian official DVD has English subtitles released.
    In fact, I don’t think that the book is translated well either (I speak both).

    The one that’s circulating on Amazon (by Penguin Classics, for instance) is the following translation:

    It was made in 1967 according to the document. There’s a new one there too, but I guess it’s even worse.
    It wouldn’t be hard to make the subtitles files for the rips (maybe time consuming, but not hard), but these translation have so much lost in them…

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