Not Making That Tom Waits Joke

…because it’s not true, it’s just that the rooms are so small here in Japan that I feel really big.

Everything on TV twenty minutes ago was deeply weird, but it seems to have normalized now. Free internet in my room, the Sun Life Hotel in Fukuoka. If I had readers in Japan, I’d put out an offer to meet anyone who felt like it and have dinner and a beer, but I don’t think I know anyone in Fukuoka. Ah well. Maybe the foreign guys I met at the airport and went to the embassy with will call, and maybe not. If not, it’s just as well, I can just get some food, and then chill out here in my room and just relax, something I’ve not had a chance to do for several days now.

I’m working on a short story, by the way, an SF thing set in South Korea a few years down the road. In the morning paper I read on the way over today, I noticed that a lot of money is going into building robotic guards for the DMZ and between that, some reading I’ve done about the accused balgaengi (“commies”) on Mt. Jiri, and memories of a autumn-leaves-occasioned sightseeing trip Lime and I made, I have enough goodies to make up a kind of story of sorts.

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