Young Hae Chang’s OPERATION_NUKOREA is enough to make me actually worry about North Korea a little; moreover, it’s enough to make me worry about the fact that so few people I know here seem worried about North Korea.

Via the now-defunct but still cool Magnificent Melting Object, which was once run by someone I bet I would’ve gotten along with.

2 thoughts on “OPERATION_NUKOREA

  1. Hey, wow. I’m that melting object guy. We probably do get along. If yr ever in Seoul, beer/whisky/coffee/lard’s on me.

    1. Sure thing. It’s hard now with the baby and all, but if ever I make it up, I’ll let you know. And you can regale me with the story of how you ran across this post. (Googling your old blog name?) However it happened, I’m happy to see your comment here. (And have gotten hours of pleasure from Young Hae Chang projects since then.) Thanks!

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