Here Comes World War III

What, they haven’t messed up Iraq enough, they have to go and mess up Iran, too? And with NUKES? How stupid can an Administration be?

Quite frankly, if this does go forward, the whole world’s gonna be a bloody mess.

The tone of so much of the commentary is horrifying, really. “We’re the good guys,” and the repudiation of an “Islamic Republic” by, oh, yeah, high-ups in a pseudo-Evangelical Christian Republic. Good grief, you’d think they would see all the contiguousness and work together on oppressing the rest of us!

Mark my words, eventually people will look back on America in this time and shake their heads and it’ll fit into a category like so many others — maybe not Germany under the Nazis, but certainly like those large swathes of history when people wilfully chose to make themselves into mushrooms — to sit in the dark and eat crap. Worse than the Administration, which of course will be reviled someday off in the future (more universally than it is now, I mean), is the public. History’s watching and it’s calling y’all dumbasses. Get Bush out. He wants us all dead, man. Get him the hell out before he gets his wish.

Via Adam at A Violently Executed Blog — and you should follow the link for his colorful commentary on this story, too!

UPDATE: Oh well, at least, as zarq reports they’ll be able to repel grenades. Whew, I feel a lot better now.

The idiots. (The Bushadmin, not zarq and Adam, of course…)

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