New York Magazine has an interesting piece about Grups, which are sold as “The Ascendant Breed of Grown-Ups Who Are Redefining Adulthood”. It’s weirdly familiar to me, and though I’m not a trendoid hipster like some of these people described, I sure do have my doubts about the version of adulthood that was passed on to me by My Culture.

EDIT: By the way, I think this was via Weird is Relative.

4 thoughts on “Grups

  1. $450 jeans?

    Sheesh, I won’t pay more than $50, and I’ll bitch about it all the way. (I also am bewailing the fact that the brand that fits my daughter the best can’t be got for less than $13 a pair except in the case of an extra-special sale (the $13 is the usual sale price, most of the time it’s more than that) or them going on clearance. Or having the good luck of being able to buy them at $7 a pair or less from someone whose daughter has outgrown hers.)

    And gah. Won’t have the Wiggles in their house? We don’t have Wiggles, but we have a bunch of Sesame Street tunes (thanks, sis!), and those are just great, thankyouverymuch. The farthest we’ve gotten from the “kid-friendly” stuff was Smash Mouth, and just the stuff off the Shrek soundtrack, and Catherine is liking other stuff more these days. (Yeah, she was the Smash Mouth fan. There’s a really good reason for that, though.)

  2. Funny. I don’t really remember having “kids’ music” around the house much. A little, yeah — we had a few Smurfs LPs, this awful recording called “Music Machine”, a few Sesame Street records, but in general we just didn’t have much of it. Most of the recordings in the house were of classical music, and Xmas music, plus a few old George Harrison tapes of my mother’s.

    I reviled her Strauss and Mozart, but in the end it may explain my present tastes in music — I’ve never really gotten why most people are so interested exclusively in music where people singing is involved.

    As for the jeans, I got some in Canada while visiting — inexpensive and fit well, but inexpensive meant $30 each, and it was a bit of a shock given how the jeans I’ve bought in Korea were closer to $10 and fit okay — when I was a little slimmer.

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