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James Morrow on Intelligent Design:

Intelligent design theory is technically a different beast from creationism, because its advocates do allow that natural selective pressures may have shaped the destiny of the primordial—supposedly exogenous—organic molecules. The apostles of ID do not automatically dismiss the possibility of the modern horse emerging from the eohippus through evolution. They would even argue that the intelligent designer is not ipso facto the creator-god of Christian revelation, though it’s obvious they’re sponsoring him for the job.

For my money, the whole enterprise should not be called intelligent design theory but rather IDIOT—Intelligent Design Implicit Onto-Theology. ID is not a “theory” at all. It cannot be falsified, suggests no experiments and opens no fruitful lines of inquiry.

I.D.I.O.T. I think it’s a great term. Read the rest of the interview with Morrow here.

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