Adam’s Worried. As Am I.

Adam at A Violently Executed Blog admits he’s worried and that all that bluster about Iran might not just be bluster.

It scares me, too. I mean, if they invade Iran, they’ll need troops. Can’t take them from Iraq.

Where will they get them? No, no, please don’t say Korea. Because on the other side of the DMZ, Evil Mr. Kim is just waiting to swoop down and slaughter all of what he’d certainly see as pampered, soft, weak couch potatoes here in the South.

3 thoughts on “Adam’s Worried. As Am I.

  1. Oh, me either. Not to mention that if the draft was ever reinstituted there would undoubtedly be a lot of discussion about drafting women as well as men.

    Not that women shouldn’t be drafted, too. But it would be a whole new part of the dialogue.

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