Canadian Music Stars Against DRM

Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlin, Sum 41, and Barenaked Ladies have come out to voice their opinions against DRM.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Music Stars Against DRM

  1. They’re alright, though mostly I just like the original demo tape and the album Gordon. They kind of tried to get all serious and mainstream after that, and it felt, I don’t know, untrustworthy to me somehow. But “If I Had A Million Dollars” is a wonderful song. I think I may teach it to my Media English class sometime. Maybe we’ll do a romance film, and then look at this song as a kind of response to the notion of “romance” as packaged in popsongs and Hollywood film.

    McLachlan’s alright, as well; she has her heart in the right place and good politics, but I’m just not into her music specifically. shrug

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