Fukuyama’s “After Neoconservatism”

I’ve only just gotten around to reading Francis Fukyama’s After Neoconservatism. My main reaction is, “Well, duh.” I mean, he’s smart, well-meaning, and all that, but some of his “conclusions” are things I’ve pretty much thought for years. I mean, sorry, when you used to be an avowed, active, committed NeoConservative, that still means you weren’t thinking straight at some point in the recent past. It’s kind of like declaring to the world that henceforth you’re not going to brothels — it’s admirable to repent, but it doesn’t mean I’m comfortable with you dating my daughter. Or, more importantly in terms of politicians, determining her future.

(And no, I don’t have a daughter. I’m speaking figuratively.)

(And yes, I think comparing the NeoCons and the Bushistas with a brothel is quite justifiable.)

That said, the Fukuyama piece is still worth a glance. If nothing else, it signals The End of the Devotion. (Fukuyama can’t be the only one growing disenchanted, after all. I read this as the surface ripple of a much deeper disturbance deep in the pond.)

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