Upcoming book on expats in Korea

Over at Galbijim there’s a post on a book project. The content (including text and photos) is to be produced by expats living in Korea and reflecting on various aspects of their lives here.

We’re looking for selected articles written by 30-40 expats living in Korea, where they write about something unique to the culture that they love. For example, I’ll probably write about falling in love with galbijjim for the first time, the culture street in Daegu full of galbijjim restaurants, etc…Someone else might want to write about their hobby and cultural experiences with Korean archery. Or their enjoyment of jjimjilbangs and saunas. Or your love for the city of Anyang or Changwon or what have you. Anything to do with Korea that you’ve embraced for one reason or another.

If anyone’s still looking to submit, you’d better hurry as I’ve been asked for a draft anytime from now to next week.

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