NPR’s got an interview up with the guy who had his blood tested for over 300 different nasty chemicals from the environment on National Geographic’s tab. I actually couldn’t get the interview to load, because RealPlayer sucks for the version of Ubuntu I’m running — I gotta upgrade, and soon! — but from the excerpt I skimmed, which NPR linked to from this page, it looked pretty interesting, in a shuddery kind of way.

I don’t even wanna think about it, actually. But… it does look like something worth throwing into a story somewhere, although, as bloody usual, Bruce Sterling got there first, and a long time ago. There’s a brief, probably-forgettable throwaway somewhere in one of his novels, I think in Distraction, where it’s remembered by some character how out-of-shape people at some time in the recent past (in relation to the present time of the story) began to get advised by doctors to get liposuctions before they start doing weight training or other major exercise, else the toxic chemicals stored in their fat would get released into their bloodstreams and start making them sick.

Which is pretty weird, and totally believable, if you think about it.

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