Okay, so this is a bit dweeby, for different reasons depending on who is thinking about it, but anyway…

I was fiddling with this super-phone that Lime gave me, the one with the camera, and I noticed that it has this function to connect to a PC via IrDA. No cable was included for such a function, nor was software included, but since it’s second hand, that may not be surprising.

I’m wondering how worthwhile it would be for me to go dig and find out. I know that Nokia phones are very user-modifiable — ringtones all over the net are avaiable for them — but mine’s a SKY phone… I don’t even know the model number, to be honest, and I can’t even find the screen that would display that kind of information. You know, the screen that shows which service you’re connected to, what your phone number is, etc.

What I’m wondering is whether anyone knows how configurable the SKY phones are using an IrDA connection. If I can load my own tunes into it as ringtones, or download the pictures I take with it, then I’m all for figuring it out, but if I have to run some Korean-only application that only lets me modify a couple of things, with the rest being off-limits because paid services are available via NATE, then forget it.

Anyone know?

2 thoughts on “TechHopeless

  1. I could figure out some of the stuff about the phone in a few minutes if I had it in my hand, gol-darnit. (I can figure out a lot of things if I can just put them in my hand and press buttons for a minute or three. Poor Dan is going to have a real problem with a number of digital clocks in the house if I get hit by a truck before we go off daylight savings time….)

    No immediate help, though. :(

  2. Heh… I can figure out most things, but I’ve never even seen someone connect a newer phone to a PC, so I have no idea. Hmmmmm. I could always stop by a shop and ask, I suppose.

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