I just watched Syriana, and found, well, entertaining enough. There were lots of plot threads running at once, and while they all kind of came together, I could see where they were headed, mostly, about halfway in. Still, some of the ideas bandied about in the movie were interesting, if a bit disturbing. How do people deal with crippling loss? How do people deal with hopelessness? How do people deal with their own guilt? And what might the Middle East look like in a century?

All interesting questions. Unfortunately, the answers to most of them, as offered in Syriana, were nothing too striking or new. But it was worth the W1500 ($1.50) rental fee and I didn’t regret the loss of two hours of my life.

Next film on my list is 낭만?? (Romantic Assassins), another Korean film Lime didn’t want to watch with me…

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