NPR on Writers’ Creative Process

NPR has a report up containing interviews with various writers about their creative processes. No SF people jumped out at me when I glanced at it, though when I check it out later today, I may find I was wrong.

Hat tip to the esteemed Jodi of The Asia Pages.

2 thoughts on “NPR on Writers’ Creative Process

  1. Alice Hoffman writes fantasy, though it’s not neccessarily shelved in the f&sf section of the bookstore. Other than that, no, I didn’t notice any speculative fiction writers of any kind.

  2. Ah. Never heard of her. Is it any good?

    Wait, I know who she is. Had to read some short stories by her for a class. All the litcrit people seemed into her, supposely because she took these old tropes and made them “more visceral” (which seemed to me to be her Freudianizing them, and making them less visceral, to me, anyway, in the process). She was okay, I guess. She didn’t blow me away, though.

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