Ni Hao

I’m in Beijing, in a little PC-bar near the hotel that my traveling companion Randy and I stumbled into last night. I was exhausted and slept the sleep of the dead, let me tell you.

I actually am just about to go back for a shower and to call my ex-student to meet for lunch and an afternoon of hanging out. I’ll only be in Beijing for a few days, and then onward to Shanghai (another ex-student is helping us book cheap flights there, which cost about as much as a train ticket).

First impressions? Reminds me a lot of Korea, but a little more run-down in some ways, and a little more huge in scale in others. But it’s interesting, and, amusingly, I’m able to understand just tiny bits of interactions from the Korean words that come from Chinese words.

Some pictures, but not too many yet. We’ll see if I can upload them to Flickr while I go, but not from this place — the net connection is just waaaaaaay too slow. Right, time to go.

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