China Photos Up! (Some)

Me Gazing (With Hat), originally uploaded by mrgord.

I’ve been busily uploading some shots from my trip. However, many more are left to be dealt with. Since I’m shooting in RAW, it takes time for me to go through photos choosing the best setting for each one. So I’ll probably finish updating all of this in January. But for now, here are roughly a hundred photos from my trip, from about the third day to the end of the trip. (And yes, that’s 2/5ths of all my shots, but I have a feeling many from the first bunch will be dropped from the posting.)

Click here to see the photoset on Flickr.

UPDATE: Ah, that’s better. I don’t know why a bunch of them were still on privacy mode when I checked this morning. I’d swear I’d set them all to public last night.

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