Are YOU Ready to Leave Korea?

Honestly, I’m not — though some of that’s related to Lime — but this quiz was funny all the same, even though sometimes I had to struggle to choose an answer (for reasons similar to those of this commenter at Marmot’s). (See below the cut.)

In fact, I gotta say that I’m gonna post this, but mostly because I wanna complain about how people who write quizzes and such about Korea always have very negative attitudes. If someone insists that fan death is real, I smile, sometime I’ll ask them why Korea’s the only place in the world with the term fan death, how come I’m not dead though I’ve slept many night with a fan on in my room, and ask them how it works. I’ll point out that fean death is not a medical diagnosis.

But I’ll also note that when I sleep with a fan blowing directly on me, it does strain me and I wake with back pains, or a sore throat. I can see that the strain might induce something like a heart attack if someone’s ill, or weak, or old, or very drunk, or something.

As I commented where I found this quiz link:

That’s one thing about these online quizzes and gags I see about Korea. They’re usually so, I don’t know, persistently disdainful, and it’s a drag. It’s like grumpy expat 2.0 stopped holding boring bitchfest/bullshit-about-them parties and went online. Or maybe it’s the same bunch, and they’re just older, less connected, and lonely but still here and bitching by bandwidth instead? I dunno.

Anyway, after all that, here’s my result:

You are 84% ready to get out of Korea

You have them figured out. You know it is a 5,000 year-old shell game and there is no pea. You are already over the hump and can probably remain in Korea indefinitely without any permanent damage. (don’t make fun of the ESL teachers too vociferously because they still buy in to it all)

The “Is It Time To Get Out of Korea?” Quiz
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I think the line “You have them figured out,” is pretty much the line that kills my sympathy for the quiz. I don’t even really have Westerners under 25 figured out, let alone Koreans. I’ve never felt farther from having “them figured out” than I do now. Generalizations, they come out of my mouth — especially in moments of annoyance — and then I retract them and think them over. Then again, generalizations about Korea come out of Lime’s mouth often too.

But actually, chatting with a Japanese professor (in Korean! And mostly comprehensibly!) on the way back from the immigration office today, we were discussing what we’ll do when we finish our stints at our current mutual employer. She explained that she’s almost got a doctorate in sociolinguistics (thesis was a comparison on slang and dialect in Korean and Japanese) and will be a professor in Japan. I explained that I’d be in Korea a few years more at least, and then most of my explanation had to do with Lime. So maybe 85% is right, I don’t know. The longer I live here, the more I realize how little I really know, and how wrong I was when I thought I knew so much. On the other hand, the longer I’m here, the more that things which bother me really bug me, more even sometimes than is warranted. Which is usually a signal that it’s time to move on, except that I also felt this way most of my life, in Canada, so maybe it’s just a signal that this place is home now?

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