Wanna Turn on a Wind Musician?

Checking out The Bis Key Chronicles, a saxophonist’s blog, I ran across this post about  a Bb bass sax that this guy is having built for him. I followed on to the homepage of the instrument maker who’s building it for him, custom with a low-A key, Benedikt Eppelsheim Wind Instruments, Munich, and, well, this is what I’d call porn for wind musicians.  There are clips so you can hear what the instruments sound like, too. I don’t know… the Bb Tubax seems a little TOO extreme for me, but I’m suddenly thinking I might prefer a Bb bass sax to the Eb baritone I had been considering for the last few years. Huh, but that Eb Tubax is a little attractive, too. (And still sounds more like a sax than a car motor.)

One thought on “Wanna Turn on a Wind Musician?

  1. It’s all about variety in my world of saxes. I try to play the soprillo (piccolo) and sopranino sax, do just to the soprano, alto, C melody, tenor, bari, and bass saxes. And this after a 27 year hiatus from music.


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