Lee Myung Bak and Corruption

With all of the allegations of corruption that have been brought up against him, I’m amazed that the right-wing Presidential candidate Lee Myung Bak is actually still pulling 50% in the polls. I’m wondering whether the new-ish evidence I’m told has surfaced of his implication in the BBK price-manipulation fraud will be the needle in his balloon.

Lime says there’s still a good chance of him being toppled, even though he’s leading. She even quipped that if he wins, she’ll want to leave the country, which is exactly what a lot of Americans I know said about Bush. (And they followed through, some of them anyway.)

Understandable, considering the number of scandals and amount of corruption he seems to have been in BEFORE even becoming President. As Lime said, it’s not unusual for Presidents to do corrupt things, but they usually get deep into that stuff after they take over.

I find it endlessly surprising how humans all over are so willing to endorse crooked bastards as their leaders. Sure, one has to be careful about someone too “pure” getting into office — it could lead to problems, or an inability to compromise when necessary. But I hardly think a propensity for greedy corruption points to any kind of qualifying skill in the political arena.

But hey, he’s also a Protestant — he dedicated Seoul to God, seemingly not caring what the non-religious or members of religions other than Christianity (or even well-behaved Christians with manners and good sense) felt about this. His public shows of religiosity are probably enough for a good number of the religious nuts here, of which there are all too many. Thank goodness they’re not such a huge slice of the population.

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