Time After Time

Music for when everything’s feeling difficult:

Time After Time, sung by Cassandra Wilson, from the album Traveling Miles. Here are the lyrics. Yes, a Cyndi Lauper song, on my blog.

The song won’t be here too long, for copyright reasons. But someone needs a copy, so…

Here’s a video with the lyrics synched up:

2 thoughts on “Time After Time

  1. Time After Time is one of the great ballads. Cyndi Lauper nothin’. Eva Cassidy also does a great version, and it’s one of my Noraebang standbys.

    Cassandra Wilson’s song, “Harvest Moon,” is also lovely.

  2. Robo,

    Yeah, it’s very good. Not quite doing for me what the Wilson does, but very good.

    That whole album with “Harvest Moon” is outstanding…

    BTW by “Cyndi Lauper song” I mean that she shares in the writing credit. Which surprised me, but it’s true.


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