Korean Industrial & Japanese, Er, FolkyPop?

More free stuff…

Not sure about quality — which is my nice way of saying I’m not really convinced — but you may be amused by Che-Il Gwa, which is some kind of Korean industrial music.

And to cleanse your palate, something a little more folkypop, from Nagoya: Secret Ocean’s album Kokoro No Furyoku.

Okay, and for people like me: Intercontinental Music Lab. Geek out, ya geeks.

2 thoughts on “Korean Industrial & Japanese, Er, FolkyPop?

  1. was hoping for something like Hijokaidan with Che-il Gwa, instead got something like KFMDM.

    Also, the “Korean” in this seems limited to the name – this was in the description:

    “All tracks written, performed and engineered by Yannis “Vril” Kamarinos”

    looks Greek to me…

    1. Yeah, I didn’t see the composer’s name, but it didn’t feel like something made in Korea. Then again, it has samples of Korean speech, which is new to me. I’ve heard lots of Japanese speech sampled in non-Japanese music, but not much Korean.

      KMFDM? In Korea? Ha. But you might like the more avant-rock Xtatika, which is “American” but lots of people of Korean ethnicity in the band and has lots of Korean stuff mixed in.

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