Dear Lady at the Next Table in this Cafe

No, talking in baby talk when you are over 30 years old doesn’t make you seem younger, let alone sexier. He’s pretending.

Trust me.

2 thoughts on “Dear Lady at the Next Table in this Cafe

  1. You sure he’s pretending? Juvenilization of feminine sexuality seems to be endemic to East Asia (and beyond: the “naughty cheerleader” motif might be a North American analogue).

    That said, I agree: there’s nothing sexy about a woman who pretends to be a third of her actual age.

  2. I dunno. After she gobbled down most of a gigantic thing of gelato — I mean, a 1.5 liter goblet, it looked like — she got on the phone, and told him to go, go, go… he walked out, then came back for his bag, and left. And she shouted into her phone until I left 20 min later.

    And yeah, nothing sexy about it. Ugh.

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