Two Three Annoying Things

  1. The two girls who politely excused their way to the head of the line at the taxi stand tonight — past a bunch of us who were waiting, and assumed they were just walking through the stand but not going to catch a taxi someone else had waited for the right to take, when… yeah, they turned and slowly got into a cab. Everyone was staring, but nobody said a word till I shouted, “What? What the f*ck?” Then a few people mumbled and so on — about the crazy girls, not me. The second girl didn’t mind, as she got in and was driven off by the cabbie. Like, what? I muttered something like, “Those girls are like animals!” and the lady in front of us laughed and kinda agreed.
  2. The killer bug spray I used to kill a persistent colony of fruit flies… I am now running from the nose, and have been for a few hours. I didn’t know the stuff was frigging nerve gas. (Yes, I’m exaggerating, but it’s awful stuff.)


I have a third annoying thing: lads. You know, man-boys. Guys who are 28 or 31 but seem to want to be 19 forever. They keep their hair short, but then gel it and make it stick up like they just got out of bed twenty minutes ago. This is style? Give me a f*cking break.

I know, I am turning into my father. At 36, already. Wow. But one of these man-children was ahead of me in line at the bookstore and when he finished his business and turned around, and saw a white face behind him, he said — in the most obnoxious tone ever, “Hey, buddy!” No, Iamnotyourbuddygrumblegrumble.

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