Coming to Seoul: Dance Performance of Shaun Tan’s The Arrival

In the first week of May 2012, the New Zealand group Red Leap Theater (a dance company, by the looks of it) will be performing their rendition of Shaun Tan’s award-winning (and wonderful) wordless graphic novel The Arrival. I’m a huge fan of the book, and have tickets booked for Miss Jiwaku, myself, and our friend Sanko.

The performance will be at the LG Arts Center, and you can book tickets here. It’s selling out quickly, so if you are in Seoul and like fantasy or SF, this is a special treat unlikely to be repeated. Tickets are 30,000, 50,000, or 70,000 thousand won each depending on how close to the action you want to be.

Need some convincing? Here’s a video of bits and pieces of the performance:

Some images from the original book, which you should read if you haven’t already:

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