Musical Sketches

So, I’ve just posted some sketches for the soundtrack I was working on in early March for my wife’s film project–that is, 대리전/”The Proxy War”. I won’t be doing any more work on the sketches till we have a rough cut, but I figured it might interest some people. This film is SF, comedic but also action, and yet in a lot of ways it’s conceived as being in the mode of Chris Marker’s La Jetée, which means that narration is a huge part of how the story gets across.


By the way, the soundtrack material has taken up so much room over at my own Soundcloud, that I figured it was maybe time to make a Soundcloud profile just for Brutal Rice Productions.

There are two sets up right now: one with the complete soundtrack for <<자연선택설>> (“Environmental Selection and Species Adaptation”), and one with concept sketches for the soundtrack for 대리전/”The Proxy War”. The latter are really rough, just designed to give Mrs. Jiwaku some sound ideas and some sense of things I’m playing with, something to respond to in terms of her own wishes. (Sometimes it’s easier to give her something to springboard off, in terms of music.)

I’ll also be uploading the recorded score for “The Music of Jo Hyeja” soon. It’s apparently in the archives somewhere, at the studio where the audio was mastered, so it’s just a case of digging it out and cutting the non-music tracks. I hope to upload that sometime in April.

In the meantime, here are the sets that are up right now:

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