Old Interview Surfaces

The other day, I stumbled onto an old interview done with the band I played with from 2002-2004. This was from spring 2003—20 years ago! It was only posted on youtube last year. Anyway, I’ve posted it to the Dabang Band subpage on this website, if anyone’s interested. You can see a very young me talking very vaguely about our plans for the band (plans?) and you can also hear some clips from some of our songs, the way we did them live, as well as everyone else answering questions we didn’t know were coming. Er, uh, um… well, the clips are a walk down memory lane, anyway.   

2 thoughts on “Old Interview Surfaces

  1. Wow, you were super young in this video! Super cool that your band was actually on TV. I like how this show tried to convey the DIY ethic. In the days when Kpop and Indi still coexisted, before pop ate the universe.

    1. Hi Bradley! Long time no see! It was only a local news outlet, I think, down in Jeollabukdo. We’d been around about a year by then, had played a big music festival early on (in summer 2002) and a few film fests too as well as plenty of small club shows, and were one of the more actively gigging rock bands in the area. However, I honestly suspect it was our bassist who set up the interview.

      As for the encroaching of Kpop was already really encroaching within Korea by then, but there was at least sort of an indie scene. Of course, I think there still is, but it’s probably a fair bit different by now. (There’s lots more indie pop, for one thing. That much I can tell all the way from down here in Sejong, just from what gets into media.)

      Anyway, I was indeed quite young—well, so I think now. (I was 27 or 28 when the video was shot, I guess?) Mind you, it was only a few years later than you and I met, wasn’t it? I think it was 2007 or 2008?

      Hope you’re doing well! Shoot me an email if you like!

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