Besides my fiction writing, I’ve worked as a screenwriter, audio technician, sound recordist, sound designer, and soundtrack/score composer, as well as acting doing a bit of stage acting.


  • Brutal Rice Productions: The film production company in which I am involved. Run by my wife, director Jihyun Park.
  • Blog Posts: Posts regarding various projects in which I’ve been involved.
  • Filmmaking/Drama Profile: A profile of all my projects as screenwriter, soundtrack/score composer, sound designer, and audio grip, as well as other roles.

Brutal Rice Productions:

While I’m primarily a fiction writer, I’ve got some experience and involvement in media and film production as well, and am a member and cofounder of Brutal Rice Productions. Brutal Rice focuses on political satire and comedy for our web shorts, and on SF/fantasy/horror for our film productions.

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Click on the website screencap above to visit Brutal Rice Productions’ website.

Blog Posts:

I’ve made some posts on my blog regarding various film projects I’ve been involved in. You can see the whole lot of them here. 


What follows below is my personal resume in the field:


“Untitled Lovecraft Adaptation.” Feature Length film script, commissioned, adapted from a short story by H.P. Lovecraft.

  • My role: First screenwriter.
  • Script completed. In Pre-production. 

“Under the Knife.” Feature film, directed by Josh Hoffman.

  • My role: Sound recordist, grip, lighting.
  • Currently in post-production. To be completed Feb. 2014.

“대리전 (Daerijeon: The Proxy War)”: Korean-language short SF film.

  • My roles: Screenwriter, Audio Technician, Score/Soundtrack Composer.  
  • Currently in post-production, likely to be completed by spring 2014.

“자연 선택설 (Environmental Pressures and Speciation)”: Award-winning Korean-language short zombie film.

“조혜자의 음악 (The Music of Jo Hyeja)” (2012): Award-winning Korean language short horror/fantasy film; South Korea’s first cinematic adapation of the work of H.P. Lovecraft.

“Shocking Report: Foreigners Dating Koreans Conspiracy! — 충격보기: 외국인과 교제음모!” (2012) Political/Social satire web comedy short.

“먹고살려면 다 적응하게 되있어” (“The Ones Who Rock the Boat”) (2011): Korean-language social satire. Student film by Jihyun Park.

  • My roles: 2nd Camera Operator, Music Consultant. 
  • Watch online here. (Korean website, login required.)

Live Dramatic Productions:

The Prince’s Bride. Live stage production by the STM Newman Players, University of Saskatchewan (1997).

  • My roles: Program/Stage Music Composer/Technician.

Actor of the Year Award, 1994. Awarded by Newman Players Association, STM College, University of Saskatchewan.


Murder in the Cathedral. Live stage production by the STM Newman Players, University of Saskatchewan (1994).

  • My roles: Program and Stage Music Composer, Chorus Performer, Conductor. 

Only Once. Live Stage Musical by the STM Newman Players, University of Saskatchewan (1994).
  • My role: Actor/Singer.