The Dangers of Expat Writing: Fear and Trembling by Amélie Nothomb

While many expatriates have been great writers, in my experience, expatriates sometimes don’t do such a great job writing about the expatriate experience — with Graham Greene being a notable exception. They inevitably tend towards the same kind of thing that one sees in the expatriate blogosphere — the clever theorizing, the ranting, the mockery […]

Playback by Raymond Chandler

What can I say? Chandler is Chandler — he does the thing he does, and he does it well, but I’m not sure I feel like reading the remaining novel in the volume, The Long Good-bye, right now. Apparently, a lot of people see this as the least of Chandler’s novels, something of a denouement […]

What I read in 2011

My hopes of reading 50 books in 2011 were dashed by a lot of busy work, and all I’ve got to show for my reading this past year is a mere 47 48 49 titles, plus a few on the go — a surprising number of the finished books being cooking, baking, and brewing books. […]