Deep End (aka YMCA Song)

One day, got the notion, in the ocean one day, thought that he would learn to swim; That day, must admit he was a fool, that day, went straight to the swimming pool. Signed up, took a class down at the YMCA, with families, children and their mothers, fathers, reclining in the hot tubs and […]


Yes, that’s right, I finally have some big news. First and foremost, the Dabang website is up. You can go visit it: I am so pleased. On the site there are loads of pictures, links, media, and other stuff related to our band. I have just (a few minutes ago) added sample tracks to […]

Shivaji and the Ecstasy of Butter and Fire

26 March 2003/ Dabang – Shivaji and the Ecstasy of Butter and Fire This track is a bit of an oddity, perhaps the heaviest track on the band’s CD which is titled Pig Over Seoul. It features a poem I’d recently gotten published in Matrix Magazine in Montreal, and which Myoung asked me to read […]

Just Got Home

I just got back from a weekend in Seoul. We played at a club called Bbang (Bread) and our lead singer Myoung Jae’s mother came up from Sydney, Australia to see us! The highlight of the evening was seeing her and two of her sisters (I think they were her sisters or relatives?) singing along […]

Live Rock Clubs in Sinchon

I’m posting this link for my own use, but anyone else who is curious should also follow it: it’s a page about live clubs in the Sinchon area of Seoul. I need that to get to our gig at Club Bbang (Bread Club) this Saturday.