I finally got all the Movable Type CSS-powered templates sorted out. Now to integrate the comments function in the way I want to, and then create a couple of more blogs based on the same format… a Korean-language one (basically the same as my blogspot one, but with comments enabled) and a personal (hidden, secret, […]

New Stuff

New Stuff Right now we’re working on getting a Korean-language version of the Dabang Band website online. It’s pending final check and tidbits of translation work by our bassist, Sung Hwan. In the meantime, I have kept myself busy with the following:


Yes, that’s right, I finally have some big news. First and foremost, the Dabang website is up. You can go visit it: I am so pleased. On the site there are loads of pictures, links, media, and other stuff related to our band. I have just (a few minutes ago) added sample tracks to […]

Value Added Link Inclusion!

An Actual Link!!! I got this link from Jessie. (Thanks Jess.) Isn’t Paul Coelho some kind of contemporary Richard Bach (of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull disrepute)? Well, anyway, this piece of writing at least is decent.


Today I’m creating the new page for my blog. For now it’ll be hosted at Blogspot, until I have a webspace of my own. I guess this is worth the practice, so I’ll try a few things here first.