I finally got all the Movable Type CSS-powered templates sorted out. Now to integrate the comments function in the way I want to, and then create a couple of more blogs based on the same format… a Korean-language one (basically the same as my blogspot one, but with comments enabled) and a personal (hidden, secret, inaccessible) one for working on my novel while on the road.
I am pleased.

(later the same day…)
Further Wow! I cannot believe how easy it was to make an MT-powered blog display Korean content! (Here is what I came up with…) I still will need to fiddle with the basic templates, make it all in Korean, but basically I just plugged Korean characters into Movable Type and it converted everything to Korean text. Editing is a little difficult, as it simply stores everything in number codes, but it’s possible by copying the original. Maybe blogs will eventually catch on here and a Korean application will become available. I can’t imagine blogs getting as popular here as in, say, Singapore, though… most Koreans I know are heavy consumers of content, as opposed to being producers of it. But you never know… so were so many other people before blogs came along.

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