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An Actual Link!!!

I got this link from Jessie. (Thanks Jess.) Isn’t Paul Coelho some kind of contemporary Richard Bach (of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull disrepute)? Well, anyway, this piece of writing at least is decent.

People here are finally seeming a little worried about the war in general, and the repercussions in Korea specifically (much more specifically, though that is understandable). I assume classes tomorrow will have nothing to do with planned content, and I hope not. I want to hear what people have to say about this idiotic war that’s starting.

I had to call a boy’s family to have him kept at home because he has chicken pox. He was kept from school but sent to the supplementary classes at our Institute. Makes little sense to me, and his presence was so disruptive that the other kids freaked out.

Okay, I’m off to try work on my book…

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