Last Night…

Yesterday was a very frustrating day. Our all-day practice turned out to be a lot of waiting and waiting, followed by only a few hours of real work. (Today, we can hope, will be different.)

We played at the Led Zeppelin club’s 1-year anniversary, and then took off for other pastures. We ended up at a popular foreigner hangout in Jeonju, which is funny because the popular foreigner hangout there seems to me different than the on in Iksan. In my town it seems a place for kid stuff, but in Jeonju I like at least some of the crowd.

Anyway, I spent time with some very cool people, including some of our singer Myoung Jae’s friends and his wife, Mer. But then I left with Kim and Chai and Jung Suk and Jung Yeon, and we came to Iksan. We had a snack and then I tumbled into bed.

And now, again, I tumble out. Gotta get a shower. Gotta get to the practice room. Then it’s swimming and dinner with Kim and Chai. And then, prep for tomorrow’s classes. You can see why I fall behind posting here sometimes…

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