I’m only finished about half of the update I wanted to do. Mainly I just changed some of the link displays and added a scrolling image over in the photos link section. Oh, and a new color scheme to fit the way I feel these days… not black, but somewhat grey. Which is pretty good considering… and there is a little green, here and there. New shoots, new life, new way of thinking. Hopeful, yes.

So much to update here… I am going to collect this site into a smaller set of categories, and make it look somewhat less like a blog than just its own portal. I also need to get the photo galleries sorted out (I want to convert it all to the format of the photoblog, and soup that up a little too). I will eventually change the banner (sooner than that, I will at least change the text there to fit the new color scheme). I will also build a new static page for things like bios and media samples and the like.

However, for now, all of this is only a half-priority. I’ve begun writing again, you see, after a long and difficult struggle not only to have ideas, but also to have motivation to work on it and have a decent headspace from which to work. The main character I am working on, once again, is Neil Yi, and his life is about to take a sudden turn, though for better or worse nobody can quite yet say. Anyway… that’s the word from the front. I hope the changes work well on your PC. If not, please do let me know.

One thought on “update

  1. wow, commenting on my own site. is it sad? ah well, easier than bothering with logging into Movable Type. So, right now I’ve updated a bunch of stuff on this site, and I’ll have to stop for now and go nurse my cold. Need sleep. Need sleep now. Unnnnnnngh.


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