Times and Activities

Here’s a handout to be used with 20-sided dice, which works on present perfect and on telling times. The idea is, the students roll twice, to obtain a time and to obtain an activity. Then they role play phone calls from one to the other, at first just answering the phone and roleplaying as if they were in the middle of that activity. After a few tries, get them doing followup questions. Of course, the phone call is coming from overseas and the friend who is calling has no idea what local time is. So students get practice at transforming “7:00 am” into “It’s seven o’clock in the morning!”, as well as in transforming “grill (eel)” into “I’m grilling some eel right now!”

If you don’t have 20-sided dice, you can use 4×6-sided dice and just change the numbers. You still have about 20 options, just don’t have options 1-3, and add options 21-24. (So it would run from 4-24.)

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