Finally Got The Pics

… and some of them are funny. But, since I’m still working in analog that needs to get digitized via scanning, I am screwed as far as my desire to show you the pics at top speed.

I also just worked a long freaking day. This overtime business… I taught 7 hours today, and then there was listening to the introductory speeches at teacher training. Most of the teachers had enough understanding to realize that the speaker was, for a good 15 minutes or more, explaining to students where they can eat in the neighborhood. I swear talking about food is just more normal in Korean culture than in my own Western culture… it’s not just some distorted perception caused by my desire to see interesting difference, no matter what anyone says.

I enjoyed myself today, but I am tired. And, silly me, I booked a meeting for a beer for tonight with a foreigner I don’t know well, too. Ah well, it should be fine, as long as I get some dinner into me. The cicadas are singing their eerie song, the night is cool and overcast, and it’s only hot in my flat, where I came home to find the main window (which lets in cool air) shut most of the way. But don’t get me started…

Also, my room looks good, and far roomier, now that the stupid bed is out. I am finding sleeping on the floor far more comfortable, though I should soon buy a nice “yo” (padded quilt) to sleep on. Maybe tomorrow after morning class, I will have time to go to the market and pick one up.

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