No lunch plan shock

Wow, the lunch plan I had fell through. It’s shocking to have a day with nothing happening between 10am and 3pm. Maybe I’ll actually have a nap tomorrow…

I’ve been adding a lot to the ESL section of this site, which may or may not escape the notice of regular readers since the entries usually don’t make it onto the main page. (I backdate them in order to prevent it from happening, though tonight I’m gonna try change the code so the ESL stuff can be properly dated and just not show up on the main page. Anyway… between that and the static pages I’m thinking of building and adding to this site, I think I have my hands full until my holiday time and my move to Jeonju.

And a tiny update… I may be going to Vancouver and Saskatoon to get my visa application to Korea processed. I may only go to Japan, but if I am getting funds from my current employer as well as my last one, then I may have what amounts to a (practically) free trip to Canada. In that case, I am gonna try it. It’s gonna be tight, flying Friday-to-Friday, (it’d only give me 4 days with my folks, and 2 in Vancouver, and more than one day spent in the damn air) but it’s a chance I am thinking of taking as, well, it turns out I may be somewhere even more exotic during my winter holiday next year. More on that if it congeals…

Off to read a little before bed.

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