The Scarf

UPDATE (20 March 2013): For the curious, here’s the scarf image. Nice enough that I may make a banner from it…

Original Post: The handkerchief that Sun Hee (one of my students, who also works in the office at my workplace) bought for me in Japan is very pretty. It’s a cute scene of little children playing in the fields of Japan, jumping rope and chasing butterflies. You may note that is the new background image of this webpage. I’ll be changing the layout so you can see it better, soon, but until then, have a look at the scarf image without all this text cluttering it up. Please note that this is a detail of the scarf, not the whole thing. The whole is a lot bigger.

2 thoughts on “The Scarf

  1. Yeah, it’s lovely. It was a beautiful little present. I’ll have to look for some similar ones when I am in Osaka in a couple of weeks.

    How are you Gatorlog? I tried to trackback to one of your comments but it seemed to have disappeared from your blog by the time I’d finally gotten trackback working!

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