Last Glimpses of Iksan (For Now)

It’s funny, I use the word “last” there. My life as connected to Iksan is not over, of course. It’s a half hour away. So I don’t know why, but it does in some ways feel that way, as if I have made some kind of monumental move. It’s only a half hour away from Iksan. But now, I live in Jeonju. I suppose my time in Iksan is over in the sense of it being the place where I spend every day. Ah well. Here are some pictures I took there during the last days I spent in this little city where I made my life for 20 months.

Near Taehakno

Again Near Taehakno

Great Shrimp-Zucchini Soup Place

Rainslicked Nighttime Streets

Shindong Jae Il (Shin District Biggest Strongest apartment building... my old place)

Rainy Headlights

Taehakno Neon Blur

Mexican Chicken Shop

Lunch With Min Jung

I met the friend who taught me Korean during 2002 for lunch before leaving Iksan. She’s become a high school English teacher in Pyeongtaek, near Suwon, but came home for a visit during the school holidays. I’m very proud of her for her achievements, and it was a good visit. She even gave me a good-luck present, a glass pig jar stuffed with over six hundred paper origami cranes (which she made herself). Both the cranes and the pig are signs of good luck, and I was touched by the present. It was a good visit with my old friend.

We Ate Dumplings

A Family in Shinpo Woori Mandu, the best fast food in Korea

Predictably, Min Jung refuses a photo

Lucky Pig

Pig Grin Closeup

Pig Face

Out With The Morning Class

I also went out with my morning class. Let’s just say it was fun enough, and I managed somehow not to catch an epidemic disease related to the monarchy (Princess Disease) even though I met severalinfected persons in close proximity that evening.

Fighting Over the Cell Phone

My Hair!


Jae Kyung in the phone

In Suk & eun Ah

Geumma Park

I also went to Geumma, a town near Iksan, twice last week. I went once to a park with Kimberley, Chong Sook, and Ju Young. (And various dogs.)

Some Sort of King

When Miniscule Dogs ATTACK!

Statue Detail

Not Quite Wilderness

I am tiny, hear me roar!

Statues and mountain

Strange Skies

Chong Sook and Gami

Gui Shin! (Ghost!)

Kim, Happy

Park Shot

A House in the park

Some Dead King

They were everywhere and the colors would touch the clouds... and you don't see clouds like that anymore. Well, maybe you might still see them in the desert...

Young Ja

I met Young Ja for a beer on Wednesday night. It was all good news on her part, and I was happy to hear it. I will miss our swimming classes, and hanging out in Iksan with her. Of course, because of some recent changes in her life, she has a lot of reasons to come to Jeonju now, so I happily shall see her around here. It’s a good thing!

Young Ja Blurry

Me Blurry

Me, Clear (For Once)


No Fotografia, Young Ja Style

Geumma Again, With Kyu Jin

Once more I went to Geumma, this time with Kyu Jin. You may remember her from the soccer game I attended in Jeonju. Shehas never been my student but she’s very cool and I think well of her. We went to a wonderful cafe in Geumma called NongDi, and enjoyed the quiet of that place as well as the decor and the kids wandering around the cafe. It was a good talk. I look forward to our next visit. She also gave me a very cute little crossstitched pig thing to attach to my cell phone. I’ll get a pic of it up once my computer is fixed.



Kyu Jin Blurry

Again Blurry




Sae Yoon

On Thursday, I had dinner with my student Sae Yoon. She’s a photo nut and also a very nice young lady. She’s volunteered to shoot pictures of Dabang Band sometime, and I wish we’d met sooner before I left Iksan. Anyway, it was good to see her again.


... Far!

B&W Sae Yoon

2 thoughts on “Last Glimpses of Iksan (For Now)

  1. Hi, Gord.

    Nice pics~. was it around Shin-dong? I assumed from a signboard, “신동제일맥스칸”. Well, I’ve never been to Geumma Park, I think it was built after I left Ik-San. I gotta go visit there. photos look nice.

    I hope you’re settling in Jeon-ju nicely.


  2. Sun Hwa!

    Yes, the pics were from all around Shindong, mostly just around my old neighborhood. I lived in Shindong Jae-Il.

    I am settling okay in Jeonju. Because I’m a new teacher (and so unknown to the students), and I guess because of some quirk of scheduling, I got a bunch of nearly-empty classes; more amusingly, because of legal documents, I’m not actually allowed to teach this week. So I’m just walking into classes, starting the class with the announcement “I am not teaching until next week!”, introducing myself, showing the kids the books they need, and then sending them on their way.

    I’ll post more about Jeonju soon. How are things in Seoul? And when are you going to send me your blog’s address? Have you updated it yet? ^^

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